Warped Wing, Land Grant to Release Collab, Long-Distance High Five Gose

Warped Wing and Land Grant aren’t letting this pandemic keep them from coming together on a virtual beer collaboration – on Thursday, August 20th, Warped Wing Brewing Co. in Dayton and Land Grant Brew Co. in Columbus will be launching Long-Distance High Five Gose in their Taprooms. Long Distance High Five Gose will launch in both draught and 6pk 12oz cans cans at Warped Wing and cans only at Land Grant. Warped Wing will release their version of the beer in the Dayton market on Monday, August 24, and Land Grant will release their version of the beer in the Columbus market on Thursday, August 20 – the same day as their Taproom launch.

The Long-Distance High Five Gose is inspired by Ohio’s rich farm country heritage. The beer is a celebration of some of Ohio’s top agricultural products including corn, wheat, and honeysuckle.

“We’ve wanted to partner with each other in the past but timing wasn’t right.”, said Nick Bowman, VP/Sales & Marketing and Managing Partner at Warped Wing. “So with the quarantine we thought it would be cool to push the limits and create a virtual collaboration. A few Zoom meetings later and LDH5 was born…” said Bowman.

“When we collaborate on a beer, we really want to do something that is reflective of what both breweries are passionate about.”, said Dan Shaffer, Head Brewer at Land Grant. “The unique ingredients and processes we used to make these beers are truly reflective of the people, place, and time in which they were created” said Shaffer.

Warped Wing Brewing Co. is a Dayton craft brewery inspired by Ohio’s rich history of innovation and invention. We are committed to carrying that spirit forward by brewing new proprietary beer styles along with original “warped” interpretations.

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