Warped Wing Announces Major Packaging Changes; New Bottling Line

Beginning September 18, Warped Wing Brewing Co. will be transitioning all of its 16 oz. 4-pack can offerings to 12 oz. 6-packs. This will include all of their core beers, seasonal and limited edition runs. In addition, Warped Wing has purchased a versatile bottling line for special limited production offerings.

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the decision to transition to a 12 oz. can,” said Nick Bowman, Managing Partner & V.P. of Sales & Marketing. “Last year we engaged in a fairly extensive customer brand survey. What we learned from our customers was that even though they liked our 16 oz. canned beer offerings and thought they were unique, they ultimately prefer 12 oz. 6-pack portioning. This was a practical decision that also gave us the opportunity to evolve our brand look and feel. Consumers will see a slightly modified design of the cans. This new packaging decision also runs in parallel to a ramped up retail presence this Fall” said Bowman.

“In addition to the new cans, our new bottling line will be commissioned in November for our Bourbon Barrel Aged program as well as some of our limited beers. We will offer 2 different bottle sizes: 375 ml and 500 ml bottle size. We are very excited to add small batch bottle selections to our portfolio. It’s unimaginable the potential we will have to offer our customers” said Bowman.

John Haggerty, Warped Wing’s Managing Partner & Brewmaster is working with Dipran S.R.L., an Italian manufacturer of bottle fillers, to create a state-of–the-art bottle filling line that will cater to ever-changing customer tastes. “The bottling line has some unique features and flexibility” said Haggerty. “It gives us so much greater opportunity, versatility and capability” he said.

To help celebrate this transition with their customers, Warped Wing will be hosting a 12 oz. can party at the brewery on September 21 in the taproom. Core 12 oz. 6-packs as well as the latest Fall seasonal, CreepShow will be available for carryout and on tap. The initial rollout of the new cans to wholesale will start on Monday, September 18.

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