Valiant Brewing Launches Loyalty Program for Customers

valiant brewing

valiant brewing

Less than two years since opening its doors, Valiant Brewing is already setting up to reward those that are repeat customers.

The 20-barrel brewery in Orange County, California is handing out 80 Loyalty Cards beginning August 2 to customers.

“People really feel like the program does justice to the word ‘loyalty’,” said tasting manager Nate Moretz, “And they can feel it’s truly a loyalty program for them, and we are giving them exactly what they want.”

Loyalty Cards will be given to customers with the purchase of a 32 oz. or 64 oz. growler.

Customers can fill their 64 oz. growlers to pick up 10 points, 32 oz. growlers will net five points while a single poured beer will get five points as well.

After someone accumulates 100 points, they can cash in those points for a 64 oz. growler fill up for just $1. Moretz said this is just the first of a three-tier loyalty program that they brewery has planned. “[It’s] a way to give back to all of our loyal customers and this is the first step of many,” he said. “We wanted to start with it being something free and it was something that someone could come in and make it feel like they are a part of Valiant and get rewarded for being a loyal customer since we are still such a small brewery. We really depend on our local community.”

The plan came along because of ideas that came from the Valiant Brewing staff, headed up by the husband and wife team of Brian and Kelly Schroepfer.

“We have a great staff that likes to break the mold,” said Moretz.

He would not expound on the details for future plans with the program, but they plan to have the Loyalty Cards in place for about a year before rolling out the next stage.

“It’s going to help [us] grow significantly,” he said. “People are always coming in to fill their growlers and bring the beer with them somewhere else.

“We hope to see more growlers out there and more growlers mean more people sharing our beer with their friends and getting our name out there more.”

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