Urban Chestnut Leans on Consumers to Develop 1st Hard Seltzer

Just in time for summer, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC), with some help from the Urban Research Brewery Tasting Community, will release their first Hard Seltzer in two unique flavor combinations. Urban Seltzer is 90 calories, 4.0 percent ABV, gluten-free, under 2g of carbs, and available in two varieties: Passion Fruit & Citra Hops and Lime & Salt. Both flavors of UCBC’s Hard Seltzer will be available in a combo-12-pack of 12 oz. cans at grocery stores and beer retailers in the greater St. Louis bi-state area, beginning May 19.

Urban Chestnut relied heavily on consumer input to develop both the recipes and the branding for their first foray into the new Hard Seltzer beverage category. They set up a survey of three different seltzer flavors at their consumer research brewery, The Urban Research Brewery (The U.R.B.) located in The Grove neighborhood. Guests who participated in the survey gave input on their preferred flavor as well as name suggestions. All three flavor options on the survey (lime & salt, citra hops & passion fruit, and grapefruit) received rave reviews, but Lime & Salt and Passion Fruit & Citra Hops were the favorite combinations. Even the name “Urban Seltzer” was chosen by the survey takers.

“Hard Seltzers are not going away. They are a new path for us as a brewery, so we really wanted to develop the brand together with our customers. We tweaked the recipes based on the survey-takers’ comments, and chose the brand name based on their preferences,” said Brewmaster Florian Kuplent.

Urban Chestnut, like most breweries and restaurants, has experienced a reduction in operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they wanted to move forward with their initial planned release of the Urban Seltzer variety pack before Memorial Day weekend. “With the unofficial start of summer occurring on Memorial Day weekend, it’s a fun, new way for us to kick the summer off,” remarked Chris Gorman, UCBC Sales Director.

Urban Seltzer Passion Fruit & Citra Hops and Lime & Salt Hard Seltzers are the first of many flavors to come. The 12-pack containing six 12oz. cans of each flavor will be available year-round.

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