Urban Artifact Expands Reach to New York and New Jersey, Now Available in 20 States

Urban Artifact, the pioneering craft brewery known for its bold and innovative fruit beers, is excited to announce its expansion into the markets of New York and New Jersey. With this significant milestone, Urban Artifact’s exceptional lineup of craft beers can now be enjoyed by enthusiasts across 20 states.

The decision to expand into New York and New Jersey was driven by the growing demand for Urban Artifact’s unique flavor profiles and the passionate craft beer community thriving in these regions. Known for pushing boundaries and redefining the traditional beer experience, Urban Artifact’s arrival in these markets will captivate and elate fruit beer connoisseurs seeking exceptional taste and quality.

As part of its commitment to delivering extraordinary brews, Urban Artifact’s arrival in New York and New Jersey brings its renowned core lineup, including fan favorites like Gadget, Teak, and Peaches & Cream Nitro alongside limited-edition releases and seasonal offerings. Each fruit tart in Urban Artifact’s portfolio is meticulously crafted with a fusion of traditional brewing techniques and inventive ingredients, resulting in extraordinary flavor combinations that leave a lasting impression on the palate.

“We are thrilled to take Urban Artifact to the vibrant craft beer scenes of New York and New Jersey,” said Scotty Hunter, Director of Sales at Urban Artifact. “We believe that our diverse range of fruit beers, which blend tradition with innovation, will resonate with the discerning palates and adventurous spirit of beer and wine enthusiasts in these states. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to share our passion and craftsmanship with an even broader audience.”

Urban Artifact’s expansion into New York and New Jersey firmly establishes its presence in the East Coast’s most prominent craft beer markets. By making its distinct flavors more accessible, Urban Artifact aims to enrich the beer culture of these states while fostering a sense of community and celebration around fruit beers and fruit tarts. 

Distribution of Urban Artifact products in NY/NJ will be handled by Serene Craft. To celebrate the launch, Urban Artifact & Serene Craft have partnered with local retailers, bars, and restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey, ensuring that its fruit beers are readily available and easily accessible to consumers. Craft beer enthusiasts can now savor the unrivaled creativity and craftsmanship of Urban Artifact right in their own neighborhoods, creating memorable moments and building connections through shared experiences. 

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