Upland Announces Distribution in Chicago

Upland Brewing Co. is proud to partner with Heartland Beverage to distribute its celebrated portfolio of craft beer, blended hard seltzers, and wood-aged sours throughout Chicago this spring. Founded in 1998, Upland Brewing is the 3rd largest brewery in Indiana with eight locations, three unique breweries, and national distribution. The anticipated launch in Chicago completes Upland’s statewide footprint in Illinois and further establishes the brewery’s regional presence.

Producing over 75 different beers each year, Upland spans the gamut from pantry staples to the wild and funky. The array of beers included in the launch feature popular regional favorites such as Champagne Velvet Pilsener and Patio Cat Summer Ale as well as limited release innovation brands likeTwo of Tarts, a gold medal winner in the gose category at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival, & the highly sought after Pawpaw Sour Ale with a fruiting rate of a half-pound of whole pawpaws per bottle.

The pawpaw plant is native to North America and grows throughout the Midwest. “Pawpaw is a favorite among the brewers,” said Eli Trinkle, Head Sour Brewer. “It creates unique tropical notes in the final product and as a native species, it’s a plant that many of us have growing in our own backyards.” 

While Upland’s Champagne Velvet Pilsener may be new to some Chicago beer drinkers, originally brewed in 1902, this brand has a long history in the area. This genuine pre-prohibition pilsner, originally brewed by the Terre Haute Brewing Company, enjoyed regional fame as one of the country’s best-selling beers before prohibition put a damper on things. A faithfully recreated recipe based on handwritten notes from the original brewer, the “beer with a million dollar flavor” will be available in 12 packs and on draft.

“We receive multiple inquiries each month requesting where to find our beers and wood-aged sours in Chicagoland,” said David Bower, Upland President. “We’re excited to finally be able to connect Chicago-based fans to shelves and taps in the area.”

Rounding out the portfolio, Upland is featuring a unique variation on the popular hard seltzer trend. At 100 calories, 4.5% abv, and 0 grams sugar, Naked Barrel Hard Seltzer maintains hard seltzer standards but with exciting new twists. Oak-aged sour ale is blended with naturally fermented seltzer then fruited with real fruit for a bold, refreshing flavor and light tartness. Find it in variety packs featuring Tangerine, Cherry Lime, & Grapefruit Hibiscus. 

Find these new offerings on shelves and taps in Chicago starting this month at select bottle shops and on draught in beer-focused bars and restaurants, including The Beer Temple, The Open Bottle, and Fuller House.

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