Unibroue Makes a Splash at the World Beer Championship in Chicago


Unibroue is proud to announce it has received 12 new medals at the 2013 Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute World Beer Championship, in the Belgian & Continental Style Ales category. The Québec-based craft brewery, the first of its type in North America, received a platinum medal for its La Fin du Monde beer; four gold medals (Blonde de Chambly, Terrible, Trois Pistoles and Don de Dieu); six silver medals (Blanche de Chambly, 17 Grande Réserve 2011, Raftman, Maudite, Noire de Chambly and Seigneuriale); and a bronze medal for its 17 Grande Réserve 2012.

“We’re really pleased with our beers’ award-winning performance around the world,” says Jerry Vietz, Unibroue’s Master Brewer. “These new medals reinforce our drive to create outstanding beers that are truly appreciated for their richness, their quality and above all, their flavour.”

This latest honour translates into an impressive total of 208 medals and distinctions received by Unibroue since it created its exceptional selection of distinguished beers, some of which have gleaned more than their share of prestigious awards, including La Fin du Monde (36 medals, including 11 platinum and 15 gold), the Trois Pistoles (26 medals), and the Maudite (25 medals).

Unibroue beers are sold across Canada and the U.S., and in many countries across Europe. La Fin du Monde is Unibroue’s most popular beer in the U.S.

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