Twin Oast Announces Acquisition of Catawba Island Brewing

Twin Oast Brewing, a Farm-to-Fermenter brewery located on a 60-acre farm since 2018, has officially acquired Catawba Island Brewing Co., a brewery founded in 2013 by the Roder family. The acquisition will expedite Twin Oast’s long-term vision to produce high-quality fruited sour ales using home-grown ingredients directly sourced from Quinstock Farms, the brewery’s home. 

“The acquisition of Catawba Island Brewing helps us lean into our Farm-to-Fermenter vision,” said Cory Smith, co-founder of Twin Oast. He continued, “It allows us to use the former CIBC taproom to brew fruited sour beer without the fear of cross contaminating our Twin Oast staples. Being one of Ohio’s premier producers of fruited sour ale has been a goal from day one, and this is the first step of that journey.” 

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The acquisition allows Twin Oast to offer their customers an even more hyper-local product than ever before; these small-batch sours will source not only the fruits from Quinstock farms but also yeasts and other cultures wrangled straight from the orchards. The team aims to increase production with the additional tank space to ensure customers have more variety in both the taproom and within their distribution footprint. 

For fans of Catawba Island Brewing, the acquisition means Hot Blonde, a popular brew, will live on as they know and love it. Twin Oast is working closely with the former brewer to ensure the beer’s legacy stays consistent with all expectations. A “Last Call” sale of remaining Catawba Island Brewing products and merchandise will occur on June 24, 2023. 

The Catawba Island Brewing location will be used for production and distribution only. Sour beer brewing is scheduled to start mid-summer with the release of their first barrel-aged sours in 2024.  

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