Toppling Goliath Now Available in St. Louis

Toppling Goliath, one of the most sought-after craft beer brands in the country, is now available in St. Louis. The Brew Hub Taproom at 5656 Oakland Avenue in the City of St. Louis is the exclusive Missouri location for Toppling Goliath’s flagship beers including Dorothy’s New World Lager, Pseudo Sue Pale Ale, Golden Nugget India Pale Ale and Pompeii India Pale Ale.

“We partner brewed Toppling Goliath’s canned beer at our Lakeland, Florida, brewery from 2015-2017, and we’re honored to be the only location in Missouri serving their beer,” said Diane Schoen, vice president of marketing of Brew Hub. “We are excited to welcome their loyal fans to our taproom and to introduce St. Louis beer enthusiasts to some of the best beer in the country.”

Toppling Goliath was founded in 2009 in Decorah, Iowa, by husband-and-wife team Clark and Barb Lewey. In less than a decade, Toppling Goliath has become world-renown for IPAs and barrel-aged stouts. The company has received numerous industry awards including being named the second-best brewery in the world by BeerAdvocate and its Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout was named the No. 1 Beer in the World by RateBeer in 2015. Toppling Goliath’s more than 30 beers are distributed in 12 states.

“There isn’t a better partner to help us introduce our beers to St. Louis than our friends at Brew Hub, and there’s no better place to debut in St. Louis than the Brew Hub Taproom,” said Clark Lewey, president and co-founder of Toppling Goliath. “We have a shared passion for brewing high-quality beers, and we’re so excited to finally be in St. Louis.”

In addition to offering Toppling Goliath’s beers on tap, 4-pack/16-ounce cans of the beers are available for purchase at the Taproom’s to-go retail counter. Additional Toppling Goliath beers will be added to the Taproom’s menu later this summer and special food and beer pairings and promotions are planned.

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