Tin Man Brewing Co. Offers Four of its Core Beers in Rexam Cans

Identifying it as the ideal craft beer package, Tin Man Brewing Co. is offering four of its core beers in Rexam 16 oz. cans.

Circuit Bohemian Pilsner is bright in color and clarity with a mild aroma and a crisp, energizing flavor.  Alloy American Pale Ale delivers a fine-tuned blend of golden hue, light body, robust hops and exemplary taste. River Irish Red Ale holds a multitude of rich, sweet flavors with a slight hint of malt tacked on for a clean, dry finish. Overlord Imperial IPA features a harmonious balance of columbus, cascade and centennial hops with a sweet, pineapple aroma.

Joining the growing number of craft breweries choosing cans, Tin Man is so passionate about its packaging choice that it hosts a website – www.cansarebetter.com – dedicated to educating consumers on its benefits.

“We feel strongly that aluminum cans are the best choice for our unique craft beers, offering significant advantages for us and our consumers,” said Nick Davidson, president, Tin Man Brewing Co. “And we are pleased to team with Rexam. They understand the needs and challenges craft brewers face and have been an excellent partner to us.”

Tin Man Brewing Co. chose cans because of the many inherent benefits they deliver. Aluminum cans block out all light and oxygen which helps preserve the beer’s taste and freshness longer. They are light-weight, which can reduce shipping costs. Cans are durable and portable which allows them to be distributed at more public events and sporting venues as well as permitted at many parks, lakes and beaches where glass is not. Cans are also the most sustainable beverage package in the world, as they are able to be recycled, converted to cans again and back on retail shelves within 60 days. They are also recycled at double the rate of any other package option.

Claude Marbach, sector director, Rexam BCNA, commented on Tin Man’s choice of cans. “Our cans are the perfect packaging for craft beers as they help attract attention on store shelves, maintain beverage integrity and deliver superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics that will help the brewery continue to build its brand and business.”

Tin Man Brewing Co.’s beers in cans are available at select retailers in Indiana and Kentucky.

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