Three Heads, Rohrbachs Come Together to Brew Kind Kitty: A Conference Call Collab

It’s a crazy time for our community. Rohrbach Brewing Co. & Three Heads Brewing want to bring some fun news to our neighbors and friends. Three Heads brewer Derek Armstrong and Rohrbach brewer Joel Will have developed a recipe (over the phone, of course) that combines two locally beloved brews – Space Kitty and The Kind. The result is Kind Kitty: A Conference Call Collaboration.

Kind Kitty is a far out, nearly spaced out dream for hop lovers. A light malt base lends to a slightly piney and bright fruity aroma. Juicy notes of citrus and tropical fruit flavors shine in this slightly hazy ale. It’s a delicious reminder to stay kind to your neighbors and stay home with your cat. We’re in this together!

Both breweries are so grateful for the support from our community during this trying time. Both teams are excited to virtually work together during a time like this. We hope that this “collaboration” brew brings some joy to your days of social distancing. We will all see each other again soon!

Stay tuned for the release of Kind Kitty to stores the week of April 20.

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