This Barbie Drinks Beer — Barbie Flights at TALEA

Do you guys ever think about… Barbie beer?

Hopping on the Barbie bandwagon, female-founded NYC brewery, TALEA Beer Co., has just launched a limited-time beer flight worthy of a dream house.

These Barbie-inspired flights feature four of the brand’s best sours, of course all in varying shades of pink. With both locations, TALEA Williamsburg and Cobble Hill, located less than a 20 minute walk away from theaters screening the film, these flights are the perfect way to pregame or recap the movie with friends or stay in the Barbie-land state of mind if you’ve already seen it.  

Barbie Flights are available through this weekend for $22 at both TALEA Taprooms. Included brews are the Weekender Pink Lemonade, Tutti Frutti Crush, BoDeGose, and Tropicberry Tart Deco, all brewed with fruits from raspberry and cherry to guava and passionfruit for the perfect pink picture. 

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