The Sága Continues: Summit Debuts New Look and Additional Brew

After a decade of success, Summit Brewing is changing up the iconic Sága brand with a fresh new look. Starting early April, the legacy beer brand will introduce the “Sága Goddess Series” leaning on the classic IPA while introducing a new brew, the Sága Hazy IPA.

The new Sága Hazy IPA is a well-balanced IPA with notes of tropical and citrus fruits delivering a soft bitterness and a smooth finish full of flavor worthy of the gods. Accompanying the brand extension will be a fresh update to the packaging, with a bold emphasis on the Goddess, Sága – and what she means to Summit Brewing.

“Sága originally got its name because of the journey it took to discover it,” Summit Founder & President Mark Stutrud said. “When we dug a bit deeper, we found that Sága was not only Odin’s drinking buddy, but the Goddess of prophecy and wisdom and was said to have inspired storytellers and poets. It’s only fitting the next chapter of this story focuses on the Goddess and what she stands for. It’s a great opportunity for us to build on something the community has embraced for the last decade and encourage them to keep creating and sharing stories.”

“The Sága IPA we know, and love isn’t going anywhere,” says Director of Sales Brandon Bland. “It’s a staple for us and something the community has embraced for the last 10 plus years. Developing the Goddess Series gives us a chance to explore ways to expand on one of our top brands and favorite beers. We believe the Sága Goddess Series allows us to discover new ways to engage with our partners and ultimately our consumers.”

Summit Brewing will officially launch the new Sága Hazy IPA on Friday, April 7th at the Summit Ratskeller alongside the 90th anniversary of Repeal Day. Throughout the spring the new Sága IPA packaging and Sága Hazy IPA will hit shelves in 12oz and 16oz cans and be available on draught at restaurants and bars throughout Summit’s distribution territory. The original Sága IPA will also be available in 12oz bottles. 

Find Summit Sága IPA and Sága Hazy IPA, or any Summit products, near you using our online beer finder.

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