The Great American Beer Festival

Copyright Brewers Association
Copyright Brewers Association

As the nation’s brewers continue to revolutionize the American beer scene, beer lovers from around the world will descend upon Denver for the 32nd annualGreat American Beer Festival (GABF). Presented by the Brewers Association from October 10-12, GABF represents the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served in a public tasting event, alongside one of the most prestigious beer competitions and judging panels in the world.

Since the first GABF in 1982, the event has synchronously evolved with the American brewing community. In 1982, the GABF played host to 800 attendees, sampling 40 beers from 22 breweries. Comparatively, in 2013, 49,000 attendees will be offered over 3,100 beers from 624 breweries in the festival hall. Additionally, 210 judges will assess 4,875 beers in the GABF competition, which represents a 12 percent increase in entries from last year.*

“Bringing together brewers and beer lovers of all shapes and sizes, the Great American Beer Festival is a wonderful representation of just how far the U.S. brewing community has come,” said Nancy Johnson, event director, Brewers Association. “As the demand for festival tickets has grown, the number of breweries interested in participating has likewise skyrocketed. We worked diligently to ensure that breweries who wanted to participate could do so in some capacity. America’s brewing landscape will truly be displayed in the festival hall.”

Inside the tasting hall, this year’s GABF also pays homage to the growing trend of brewpubs and craft beer and food pairings with the expanded Brewpub and Farm to Table Pavilions. Of today’s roughly 2,500 breweries, 1,100 are brewpubs. This year’s Brewpub Pavilion features 36 breweries, chosen by lottery, representing all regions of the country—a 50 percent increase from the 24 breweries showcased in 2012. The Thursday and Friday night Farm to Table Pavilion reprises its place at GABF, offering attendees an opportunity to experience top-notch craft beer and food pairings designed and prepared by chefs from around the country.

Tickets for the GABF sold out in a record 20 minutes during the public ticket sale. For more information and a complete list of sponsors, visit the GABF website.

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