The Bruery, Offshoot Beer Expand Distribution & Grow Brewhouse in Q2

As the summer heats up, the finest beers from The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co. are headed to new spots across the country. The past few months have brought expansion to The Bruery, from opening new direct-to-consumer states, to distribution, and increased tank space to keep the beer flowing. 

Since January, The Bruery has extended their direct-to-consumer shipping footprint, opening up Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Ohio. They also continue to offer same-day delivery in areas of Southern California and the Washington D.C. metro area where they have a base of operations. “Demand in the DTC channel has accelerated greatly through the pandemic and now that the regulatory hurdles have dropped, adding these states allows us to build our reach with our most exclusive brands,” says VP of Marketing Daniel Munoz.

The Bruery & Offshoot Beer Co are now distributed in 29 states and Washington D.C.  For the newest states, they have partnered with Craig Stein Beverage in Idaho, Low Country Craft Distribution in South Carolina, Lipman Brothers in Tennessee, and Speakeasy Distribution in Kansas and Missouri. “We are incredibly lucky to partner with such passionate and talented teams in these new states. Sales in the first few months have been outstanding and we’re all very excited about how we can grow together,” says CEO Barry Holmes. 

To satisfy this growing demand, The Bruery has increased internal capacity in its Orange County, CA facility. Six new fermentation tanks went online in February, three more are going up this month, and more planned by the end of the year. “Brands that have a foothold in the e-commerce channel have certainly grown over the past eighteen months but we’ve also seen a strong correlation to our distributed brands and have opened up new states at the request of several retailers. We believe the DTC and wholesale channels build on each other and help us appeal to a broader range of consumers.” says Holmes. 

While the 4 pk/16oz format has been growing share in all of craft beer (+2pts latest 26 weeks), Offshoot has been quietly leading the way in the competitive Hazy IPA category since its launch in 2018.  Relax  and Retreat are currently the #3 Hazy IPA and #4 Hazy Double IPA respectively in craft 4 pk in Nielsen Total US Food.

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