The Bruery Launches Next Batch of Bakery Series: Boysenberry Pie

Get out the oven mitts and cooling rack, Bakery: Boysenberry Pie is fresh out of the oven and hitting shelves across the country. This 10.2% ABV bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with boysenberries, cinnamon, and vanilla is a slice of Southern California in your glass.

“Bakery: Boysenberry Pie is our second Bakery release of 2021 and the first time this beer has hit distribution,” says Director of Production, Jeremy Grinkey. “Originally brewed for Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival, we fell in love with this pie beer and we think it’s a fitting Southern California classic! Boysenberry and cinnamon collide in the bourbon barrel-aged stout that brings all of the pleasant memories of a fresh-baked pie.”

Why boysenberries? The hybrid berry is a cross between a raspberry, loganberry, blackberry, and dewberry and has its roots deep in the Orange County area. Berry expert William Knott (of Knott’s Berry Farm fame) was one of the first farmers to cultivate the berries in the area, and they have been a local favorite since the late 1920s.

Much like The Bruery’s other Bakery series flavors, Bakery: Boysenberry Pie is a warm hug of nostalgia. Grinkey notes that “bourbon barrel-aging, in part with the bright acidity of the vibrant boysenberry component, on top of all the sweet goodness that make up the pie characteristics, truly make this a standout beer.”

Fans can now find this latest iteration of the Bakery series in 16 oz. cans at their local bottle shop, grocery store, and restaurant. The Bruery also offers delivery across California, Nevada, Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania, with complimentary delivery on first-time orders over $75. Fans can start getting their world-class, innovative beers right now by heading to The Bruery is also proud to offer:

  • Loakal Delivery across Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Washington D.C. for all orders placed before 2 PM on Delivery is complimentary for orders over $50.
  • Delivery across CA, NV, DC, PA, VA, VT, ND, and NH
  • Same-day pick-up for orders placed on at their Fulfillment Center in Orange County and The Bruery Store in Washington D.C.
  • Availability at bottle shops and grocery stores in 28 states. Use to find their beer on shelves and on tap across the country.

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