Tavour Says Bottle Logic is the Next Brewery to Watch … Here’s Why

Beer enthusiasts everywhere know Bottle Logic Brewing. These southern California legends opened their doors back in 2014 and have since become one of the state’s most popular microbreweries —  earning spectacular scores across all rating platforms with nearly a million check-ins. Which, up until recently, came only from taproom visitors and the lucky few who live near select bottle shops in CA and AZ. 

Eight years and 420+ unique beers later, Bottle Logic’s devoted following extends well beyond state lines. Now, through the online beer retailer Tavour, their one-of-a-kind brews are available in the following 22 states, for the first time ever:

Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Washington state, and Wisconsin.

Bottle Logic’s story started back in the early 2000’s, when the brewery’s co-founders Wes Parker, Steve Napolitano, and Brandon Buckner realized their shared love of homebrewing. A short time later, they’d leave their respective jobs and trade their original location (a garage) for a 3,600 square foot space with a 15 barrel system. 

As of February 2021, Bottle Logic’s brewers operate on a system that’s twice that size — 30 barrels, 8500 square feet — just to keep up with demand! These creative masterminds also have a seven barrel pilot system where they dexterously build new recipes by testing new ideas and adjuncts. Take their Mint Condition Imperial Pastry Stout, for example — inspired by mint chocolate chip ice cream, this silky brew comes chock-full of chocolate malts, mint, and 95lbs of TCHO Chocolate Ecuadorian cacao nibs. And, according to the brewers themselves, it’s “dead on ice cream. It’s utterly perfect.”

Every month, 6-12 concepts come to life on the pilot system, and according to Lindsay Langton — Bottle Logic’s Creative Director — once they’re “proven and popular, we can elect to scale things up for distribution-friendly size brews on our 30 barrel system.”

These are the skillfully and carefully crafted beers Tavour’s members all over the country can now look forward to. The very same beers that locals, up until this point, have anxiously refreshed their internet browsers, or showed up at the brewery on release day, in the hopes of snagging. 

“New smoothie releases are WILD,” Lindsay explains. “They’re only available for same-day, no-proxy pick up, and they’ll typically sell out online within an hour or two of going live.”

And although it hardly seems possible, their Stasis Project beers tend to go even faster. These complex barrel-aged brews are in such high demand, Bottle Logic has to use a separate sale website just to keep the crowd at bay!

Which, at the end of the day, simply speaks to the top-notch quality of the beer itself. 

Tavour members have been requesting Bottle Logic for years. And, lucky for the majority of members who can’t trek out to the taproom anytime soon, their dreams of scoring the brewery’s offerings is officially a reality. Brian Dunn — an Account Manager at Tavour — anxiously awaits future releases alongside these fans. “[Bottle Logic] does pretty much every style extremely well. Fruited Sours, Imperial Stouts, Hazy IPAs, you name it. We’re really really excited to have them on board.”

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