Summit Block Party Box Returns for 2020

Here at Summit Brewing Company, we’ve always believed that beer can bring us together. That remains true now more than ever. We continue to release new and exciting products in an effort to create some stability during these uncertain times. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our Summit Block Party Box. And while it may be from across a computer screen instead of from across the street, we’re still encouraging you to crack open a brew and “call” your neighbors.

The Summit Block Party Box is meant to be enjoyed with friends, however you can. This year’s guest list includes Summit Extra Pale Ale, Summit Dakota Soul Craft Lager and two new comers: Summit Triumphant Session IPA and Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon.

Summit Triumphant Session IPA has all of the flavor with less of the guilt! Released just in time for summer, Triumphant Session IPA is a low-calorie, low-carb beer clocking in at just 95 calories, 3.5g of carbs and 4% ABV per 12oz serving. Brewed with a mix of UK Golding and Cascade hops, then dry hopped with more Cascade, Amarillo, Azacca and an experimental hop blend, it has all of the taste of a traditional IPA. With notes of breadcrust and sweet citrus, it’s a light, clean and bitter brew you can enjoy again and again.

“With both Summit Triumphant and Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon we wanted to brew new life into existing popular styles. IPAs are extremely popular, but tend to be higher in calories and ABV. Many drinkers are looking for an option with less of each, and Triumphant successfully checks the box of high hop flavor and low-calorie count. It also gave us a chance to flex our brewing skills by experimenting with new techniques,” head brewer Damian McConn said. “Given the success of the original Cabin Crusher, we really wanted to explore additional flavors for this Kölsch-style ale. Lemon not only made for a logical pairing with the lime, but allowed us to play around with some exciting new ingredients to achieve a mouth-watering tartness in the beer.”

An extension of our popular Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lime, Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon offers up a citrus twist. Brewed similarly to its lime predecessor, Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon utilizes Lemon Drop and Loral hops for a bright, invigorating citrus flavor. Meyer Lemon peel and puree amplify these tart notes and mix with herbal aromas and bready malts to create a highly crushable brew.

Summit Block Party Box is available now at retailers near you. Summit Triumphant Session IPA and Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon are both exclusively available within the 12-pack.

Summit Triumphant Session IPA

  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.0%
  • IBUs: 40
  • Original Gravity: 8ºP
  • Color: Pale Deep Gold (7 L)
  • Hops Utilized: UK Golding, Cascade
  • Malts Utilized: Minch Norton Hook Head Pale Malt, US Pale Malt Malted Wheat, Dark Crystal, Carafoam, Victory
  • Kettle Additions: Dry hopped using Cascade, Amarillo, Azacca and Experimental Hops
  • Yeast: U.K. Ale
  • Serving Facts: 95 Calories | 3.5g Carbohydrates | 0g Fat | 1g Protein

Summit Cabin Crusher Kölsch-Style Ale with Lemon

  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.8%
  • IBUs: 30
  • Original Gravity: 11.5ºP
  • Color: Straw (3 L)
  • Hops Utilized: Northern Brewer, Loral, Lemon Drop
  • Malts Utilized: 2-Row Pale, Moravian 37, Malted White Wheat, Carapils
  • Kettle Additions: Lemon Peel, Lemon Puree
  • Yeast: Kölsch yeast

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