StormBreaker, Clinch Golf Tee Up Partnership with Collaboration Release

StormBreaker Brewing, an award-winning brewpub, and Clinch Golf, a golf accessories brand have paired up to craft Crush Groove, a light and refreshing lager brewed with the city’s devoted golfing community in mind. The collaboration is a result of the founders’ shared affinity for beer and golf, and aims to be the perfect on-course companion for golf enthusiasts this spring and summer.

As a year-round golfer in the Pacific Northwest, StormBreaker Brewing co-founder Dan Malech can fully appreciate the problem of slipping grips from rain, sweat, or holding a frosty beverage. Fortunately, he discovered the local brand Clinch Golf, which specializes in modern performance golf gloves to overcome that very problem.

“I was in the market for a new golf glove, and my friend raved about Clinch,” said StormBreaker Brewing co-founder, Dan Malech. “I ordered one and it arrived with a handwritten note from Jason, one of the owners, thanking me for buying from a local Portland business. With the overlap between golf and beer-lovers, and always wanting to support fellow Portland businesses, it made all the sense in the world to approach Clinch with the idea of collaborating. That’s how Crush Groove came to be.” 

Crush Groove is a 4.3% ABV easy-drinking beer for golf lovers, designed by golf lovers. It’s clean, crisp, and refreshing, with floral and spice notes. The beer wasn’t created to help golfers hit it straighter or get more birdies but to make their round more enjoyable. The name Crush Groove comes from the proprietary fabric used to make the Clinch Tactile Glove, which ensures a no-slip grip – critical both for the club and the can. 

“It’s been a lot of fun to partner with StormBreaker Brewing on this project,” said Jason Delsoldado, Clinch Golf co-founder. “Enjoying a cold beer on the course without it affecting your grip was a catalyst for developing our glove. This collaboration combines two of our favorite things, great beer and great golf. It was truly a natural fit.”

StormBreaker will be holding a launch party to coincide with the Masters Tournament on Saturday, April 13 at their Mississippi Ave location from noon-4 p.m. 

The exclusive beer collaboration will be available for a limited time at StormBreaker Brewing locations and select golf courses throughout the Portland area. 

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