Stone Officially Launches in China

Thanks to an incredibly hands-on approach to distribution, fresh Stone Brewing beers are now regularly available in select Chinese markets. Answering the impassioned cry of craft beer fans, Stone designed an uninterrupted cold chain delivery approach from San Diego, all the way to bars, restaurants and beer shops around China. This capability positions the brewery as a pioneer, offering China the most diverse, innovative and fresh portfolio of craft beer from the States.

While Chinese beer fans are already familiar with many US brands, including Stone, the market has had little access to fresh, well-handled craft beer. Much of the beer currently available in China has been mishandled via the grey market. These beers are shipped warm and are often long out-of-code with the “enjoy by” dates removed. Fresh Stone beer always boasts bold and complex flavor profiles, preserved by proper cold chain distribution standards.

Now, through special efforts, Stone beer is being regularly shipped to China via its cold, expedited supply chain. The beer’s temperatures are tracked throughout the entire shipping process, ultimately arriving at bars and restaurants equally committed to freshness. Each of these destinations is hand-selected by local Stone Brewing team members for their commitment to maintaining the quality of the beer in storage and in serving. Stone’s first shipment of fresh beer landed in early October to great local excitement. The Stone team celebrated the momentous accomplishment with a series of events at which fans had the exclusive opportunity to sip the freshest Stone beers China has ever known alongside the co-founders and CEO.

“I returned from China energized and blown away by the welcome we received,” exclaimed Greg Koch, Stone Brewing executive chairman & co-founder. “Our reputation had evidently preceded us, and I loved being there as our fans enjoyed the bold and complex aromas and flavors of über fresh Stone beers for the first time.”

Whether at home or abroad, always check for the “bottled / canned on” date and “enjoy by” date clearly printed on all Stone beers. If those dates are missing, the beer’s quality may be compromised.

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