Stone Corks 2017 with Five Barrel-Aged Small Batch Beers

The 2017 year of beer culminates this December when Stone Brewing releases a bounty of barrel-aged beers. Long-time fan favorites, including Stone Imperial Russian Stout and Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Black IPA, return with new depth, character and complexity, thanks to the attention of Stone’s talented small batch brewers – the wild and crazy denizens of the Stone Mission Warehouse.

“I love experiencing how our brewers can transform a beer that I know so well into something completely new,” said Greg Koch, Stone Brewing executive chairman & co-founder. “They’ve taken painstaking efforts to procure the best barrels and have taken immaculate care of these rarities, some aging for almost a full year. The outcome will, no doubt, amaze whether you choose to drink them now or cellar them.”

Stone’s 2017 Small Batch releases include:

2016 Stygian Descent: Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA aged in rye whiskey barrels & bourbon barrels – Balanced dark chocolate, oak, dried fruit and citrus tones accent the spicy rye and sweet bourbon barrel notes that complete this masterfully aged transformation.
12% ABV

Dogfish Head / Victory / Stone Saison du BUFF aged in Red & White Wine Barrels – Cherry and tropical fruit-like flavors and aromatics come from the addition of three strains of Brettanomyces. Oak notes and tannin add body and mouthfeel. While herbal components of the beer are toned down after extensive barrel aging, the aftertaste offers a classic funk complexity.
9.3% ABV

2016 Xocoveza Charred: Stone Xocoveza mocha stout aged in bourbon barrels – Time spent in bourbon barrels gave the base stout beer additional layers of caramel-like and vanilla flavors. Charred oak and toffee engulfs the palate on the first sip. Combined with fresh spices, lingering pasilla pepper and soft oak flavors persist through an exceptionally long finish in this intensely rich and satisfying beer.
9.6% ABV

2017 Fyodor: 2016 Stone Imperial Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrels – This beer boasts rich coffee alongside bitter and milk chocolate flavors. Dark charred oak, rich vanilla and caramel from the bourbon barrels elevate and further enhance the ultra-intense taste of the original beer.

2017 Mikhail: 2016 Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrels – Coffee flavors abound. Rich caramel and vanilla flavors from the bourbon barrel aging add layers of complexity, a touch of sweetness and a vibrant dark fruit finish.
13.5% ABV

There’s a short window of time to acquire these master works. Luckily, it’s a window of time with plenty of excuses to share great beer among family and friends. The 2017 Small Batch Releases will be in stores throughout the month of December and into the New Year, available nearly nationwide. Filter by “Stone Small Batch Releases” on the Stone Brewing Beer Finder. All beers, packaged in 500ml bottles, can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for future occasions.

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