Stem Ciders Announces Lava Flow, Strawberry-Pineapple Cider

Building off of the continued success of recent bright, refreshing, tropical-themed releases like Paloma and Flockstar, Stem Ciders is excited to announce the debut of Lava Flow as the newest cider release to join its seasonal lineup.

Drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian islands, Lava Flow is a volcanic fruit explosion of strawberry and pineapple in cider form. Featuring nearly 2,000 lbs of fresh pineapple and strawberry puree in each batch, Lava Flow was modeled after the celebrated Hawaiian tropical cocktail.

“Upon your first taste Lava Flow exhibits notes of vibrant ripe strawberry lemonade,” explains Patrick Combs, Director of Innovation and Quality. “The pineapple comes in toward the end with a big punch of sweet and sour tropical bliss on the finish. The acidity and sweetness are well balanced without any added sugar, which perfectly invites another sip.”

Lava Flow also joins Stem’s continued focus on innovative culinary-inspired ciders. In addition to strawberry and pineapple, this beautifully fruit-forward cider features tartness and tannin-like qualities imparted from the use of hibiscus tea. Much like Paloma, Lava Flow naturally makes for a ready-to-drink cider cocktail.

“Pineapple and strawberry are two fruit flavors that are very popular and often misrepresented when reproduced artificially,” noted Ian Capps, Director of Cidery Operations. “We used fresh pressed puree for both so you could actually taste each individual fruit.”

“It turns out Hawaiian pineapples are bred to be sweeter than those readily available in the US, so we bumped up the strawberry puree to find that ideal balance,” Capps added.

Stem Ciders will celebrate the debut of Lava Flow with a pair of tropical-themed launch parties at Boulder’s Jungle cocktail bar on Saturday, October 2, and on Sunday, October 3 at Adrift, an island-inspired cocktail bar in Denver. Attendees will get to enjoy Lava Flow cider cocktails, cider slushies and a sneak peek of another upcoming innovation cider entry in Stem’s upcoming Tangerine Whip cider.

Just as Stem Cider fans discovered last year with the release of Paloma, it’s always Lava Flow season and it’s always fun to be transported to the tropics. Enjoy Lava Flow now from both Stem Ciders’ cider houses as well as from partner retail locations across the country through New Year’s Eve.

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