Starcut Ciders Add Seasonal Six-Pack Offering After Cleaning up at GLINTCAP

Starcut Ciders own Pulsar brought home Best in Class at the 15th Annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) in the Unlimited Cider and Perry category. The competition draws entries from around the globe, with products coming in from across the continent and as far away as Spain and Australia.

“Pulsar is the foundation of our entire cider program. It’s the cider that we focused on dialing in first when we began making cider and it’s the cider that I’ve personally always wanted to make and drink. I’m really stoked that other people are also digging it!” Tony Hansen, Chief Innovation Officer for the brand stated.

Pulsar wasn’t the only brand in the Starcut portfolio to medal, with the cherry cider Squishy and the orange-juice spiked Mosa bringing home gold and bronze in the fruit cider category, and Magpie rounding out the awards with a silver medal in the botanical cider category. Perfect timing, as it hits shelves this week for the first rotating seasonal six pack for the brand.

Joining their popular flagship line up of Pulsar, Octorock, and brunch-lovers Mosa, the new seasonal six pack will rotate quarterly, starting with Magpie. Magpie is a cider made with all Michigan apples and just a touch of cinnamon, for that perfectly seasoned, fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie flavor with no added sugars.

Magpie six packs are expected thru the fall, and will be followed in November by Bucket, a semi-dry hard cider fermented with black currants and aged on oak chips, and then Phuzz, a semi-dry cider fermented with peaches and a traditional cider yeast in February.

“Cider drinkers are demanding more variety and more flavors. We had the bases covered with our flagships—bone-dry, semi-dry, and fruity—so having something that could compliment the season and celebrate flavor innovation was a no brainer.” Stated Pauline Knighton-Prueter.

“We have a history of experimentation with our pub-only cider offerings and wild-cider Erraticus series. We use those outlets to test recipes for potential new products. The first couple seasonal lineups were released in 2015 in limited amounts so we are looking forward to sharing those with the world again. We will also be sure to mix in brand new flavors throughout 2022.”

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