Squatters Celebrates 30 Years

2019 marks 30 years of operation for Squatters Craft Beers, and Salt Lake’s original brewpub will celebrate all year long. Squatters has remained a pioneer for growth and innovation in the highly competitive craft beer industry for three decades.

“There are very few currently operating breweries as old as ours, and to say that we’re proud to have reached this milestone is an understatement,” said Marketing Manager, Lauren Boyack. “It is due entirely to the support of this amazing community that we’ve been able to enjoy such success,” added Boyack.

To give back to the city that has supported Squatters since its inception, the brewery has launched Throwback Giveback, a charitable draft beer initiative. City Creek Pale Ale, the first pale ale poured when Squatters opened their doors in 1989, recently returned for a good cause. Every dollar from the sale of this retro beer was donated to the Fourth Street Clinic, an organization which helps Utahns experiencing homelessness improve their quality of life by providing health care and support services. The 14-barrel batch brought in $8,000 for this worthy organization. Squatters will bring back two more throwback beers, Hop Head Red and Beehive Lager, to benefit Alliance House and the Utah Pride Center, beginning April 1st and June 1st, respectively.

“The company that Jeff Polychronis and Peter Cole created 30 years ago was based on giving back to the community. They had no way to know if it would work, let alone last for three decades, but it did,” said Doug Hofeling, Chief Operating Officer. “We carry the torch they lit by continuing to give back to the community that we are part of,” continued Hofeling.

Squatters will commemorate the actual anniversary on September 7th with a beer festival and celebration. “In addition to our massive birthday party in September, we’ll celebrate throughout the year so make sure to visit us on social media for updates,” added Senior Marketing Manager, Amy Tangaro.

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