Smuttynose Announces Acquisition of Wachusett Brewing Co.

Smuttynose Brewery, a leading name in New Hampshire’s craft beer industry, proudly announces the acquisition of Wachusett Brewing Company, a well-established Massachusetts brewery. This move, following the recent acquisition of Five Boroughs Brewing Co., not only signifies a major leap in expanding Smuttynose’s market reach but also doubles its revenue, solidifying its stature as a regional craft beer titan.

Strategic Expansion with Wachusett Brewing: Established in 1994, Wachusett Brewing is renowned for its quality brewing and innovative products, including the popular Blueberry Ale. This acquisition introduces new flavors to Smuttynose’s portfolio and aligns with its strategic growth plans in the Northeast.

Enhanced Production and Market Presence: “This acquisition is a strategic step in our market expansion,” said Steve Kierstead, CEO of Smuttynose Brewing Co. “Wachusett’s strong market presence and additional 15,000 BBLs notably increase our total annual volume to over 50,000 BBLs, marking a new chapter in our growth story.”

Smuttynose continues its upward trajectory following the successful integration of Five Boroughs Brewing. Kierstead adds, “We’re exploring new territories, including non-alcoholic beverages and RTDs, and are in talks with potential partners to further diversify our beverage lineup.”

Commitment to Hospitality and Community Engagement: The acquisition reinforces Smuttynose’s commitment to hospitality, with Wachusett’s taprooms in Worcester and Winchester continuing to serve their communities under Smuttynose’s expanding umbrella.

With this acquisition, Smuttynose Brewery strengthens its vision for sustained innovation and growth, positioning itself as a dominant force in the craft beer industry and beyond.

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