Ska, Rancid Collaborate on Brewstomper Golden Ale

Introducing Brewstomper Golden Ale, brewed by Ska the brewery and Rancid the band. This crushable crowd-pleaser is set to debut at The Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival early this summer. In April, the brewery and the band will brew the beer for release at the first show, headlined by Rancid, in Phoenix on May 11.
“Rancid and Op Ivy (both founded by Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong), provided the soundtrack to our lives as we were planning out the brewery in the early 90’s,” said Dave Thibodeau, co-founder of Ska. “Their music, along with a heavy dose of an unnamed American light lager, really are the roots of what has become Ska’s World Headquarters today.”
Both the beer and its can design, taken from Rancid’s second album Let’s Go, evoke a sense of punk rock nostalgia, bringing you back to the days of sweaty, indie garage shows and oodles of easy drinking beers, said Thibodeau. “This is a beer concept we should have brewed up a long time ago, and we have Rancid to thank for making it happen.”
“Working with Ska really was a no-brainer,” said Freeman, “they make great beer and they‘ve got that Do-Shit-Yourselves ethos that’s woven into all of our DNA.”
It’s been no secret that the Ska Brewing crew are massive Rancid fans, with not-so-subtle nods to Freeman and Armstrong over the years via beers such as Hoperation Ivy and most recently Rue B. Soho— but it wasn’t until Ska’s sales characters, Kristen Muraro and Arlo Grammatica “found” their way backstage at a Rancid show that discussions of collaboration began. Many beers and a couple shows later, Brewstomper Golden Ale will debut this summer.
At 5% ABV Brewstomper is a crisp, refreshing golden ale designed to be enjoyed with music and friends, the type of beer that doesn’t dominate the conversation, it simply enhances it. While the hops and malt work quietly backstage without bravado, the show certainly couldn’t go on without them.
Brewstomper Golden Ale will be the featured beer throughout the summer at the 2019 Bash Music & Craft Beer Festival, with Rancid as headliners joined by Pennywise, The Mighty Mighty BossTones, Suicidal Tendencies, L7, and more. Brewstomper will also be available in cans throughout all of Ska’s markets.

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