Ska Fabricating Presents The Nimbus, the Most Portable Machine For Breweries Yet

Meet The Nimbus by Ska Fabricating. This new machine is designed to support breweries of all sizes and distribution models with the most portable, most customizable options Ska Fabricating offers. 

The Nimbus Half Height Depalletizer combines the best features from Ska Fabricating’s best-selling machines to create a new, low-cost depalletizer that’s optimized for small spaces and lower speed applications. It expands the cutting- edge features of Ska Fab’s patented turntable design, providing additional accumulation and the ability to fold down and stow the rotary table—further reducing the machine’s footprint when not in use. This innovation, combined with the Can-i-Bus’ pallet lift and layer sweep design, creates a compact, efficient can depalletizer with a discharge height that allows for excellent can drop and many discharge angle options. This machine is essentially silent with no vibrator, and requires minimal real estate on a production floor. 

Craft brewery professionals can see The Nimbus in action at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver in September on the expo floor, where the machine will also be joined by its (much bigger) sister, The Magic Bus

The Nimbus is already finding new homes at craft breweries across the country, spanning sizes and business models. Contact [email protected] with sales inquiries.

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