Ska Brewing Voted ‘Best of the Rockies’ in Elevation Outdoors Award Series

Elevation Outdoors readers voted Ska Brewing “Best Brewery” in the magazine’s “Best of the Rockies 2017” award series, as revealed today in the March issue. The 2017 awards mark the second year for the highly competitive series.

An authoritative voice in the outdoor industry, Elevation Outdoors strives to democratically elect favorite businesses in the Rocky Mountain region. Up against distinguished breweries in the Rocky Mountain states, Ska Brewing claimed the title as the best in the region.

“We are honored by the overwhelming support from our fans,” says Kristen Muraro, Marketing Director at Ska Brewing. “I am proud of the team we have here at Ska for their incredible work and dedication to creating the best beer possible.”

This spring, Ska drinkers can look forward to new mixed 12-pack offerings, Mod beer in a can, and of course the return of the fan favorite, Mexican Logger.

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