Ska Brewing To Take Your Tastebuds On Vacation With Tropical Hazy IPA

You might not be able to go on a tropical vacation with your buds right now, but your tastebuds can still escape to tropical fruit paradise with a 6-pack of Ska Brewing’s new release, Tropical Hazy IPA.

With a plush mouthfeel, this Hazy IPA explodes with tropical hop flavors and a soft malt body. Its low actual bitterness allows bright, fruity characteristics to shine. Brewed with papaya and pineapple and weighing in at a crushable but substantial 6% ABV, Tropical Hazy IPA is like a virtual vacation in your mouth.

This new hazy offering from Ska Brewing comes the summer after the brewery’s first hazy IPA can debut. The Hazy IPA sparked the brewery brand refresh last year, and Ska has been experimenting in the hazy department since.

Tropical Hazy IPA arrives across Ska’s national distribution footprint just in time for summer, and it will be available year-round in canned 6-packs going forward. It is also currently available on tap at the brewery’s World Headquarters in Durango.

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