Sierra Nevada Champions Fresh Beer with New Packaged on Dates

sierra nevada

sierra nevada

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. continues its work to promote beer freshness with an updated “packaged-on” date printed on year-round and seasonal 12 and 24 ounce bottles and all cans. This easily readable date code helps better inform wholesalers, retailers and consumers of the freshness of Sierra Nevada beer, ensuring only the highest quality product is in the marketplace.

“Beer is best consumed fresh,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder. “We work hard to build great flavors in all of our beers—especially hop flavor—but that complex and vibrant character can fade over time. We want our fans to taste our beer like it was meant to be tasted—full of the bold flavor and aroma of fresh malt and whole-cone hops.”

Sierra Nevada has long printed bottling codes on all of its beers, mainly for internal brewery reference. The older codes were in “Julian” format, meaning that the lengthier bottle date coincided with the day of the year. This method, while accurate, was difficult to decipher for many consumers. The new bottled-on codes will be printed on the back label as: PKGD 04/15/14 15:25—indicating the month/day/year followed by the time in 24-hour format.


Press Release from Sierra Nevada

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