Shmaltz Lights Up Season With New Limited-Release Holiday Seasonal Beers

The acclaimed Shmaltz Brewing Company of Clifton Park, New York has announced the arrival of this year’s limited release holiday seasonal beers: Chanukah, Hanukkah…Pass The Beer® and Jewbelation 22® Anniversary Ale.

Brewed only during the holiday season and hitting shelves today, November 1, these limited releases can be found in more than 30 states. Each beer boasts a storied legacy, and for 2018 they each feature a new recipe, new packaging and are being offered for the first time exclusively in cans.

“We are delighted to offer the one and only Hanukkah beer to our customers,” says Lanny Hoff, SVP and Brands Manager for Artisanal. “It’s a great beer, a fun can, and should add to the general happiness of thousands this holiday season.”

Chanukah, Hanukkah…Pass the Beer® – Dark Ale Brewed with Chocolate (12 oz. Cans, 4-Packs, 8% ABV)

Described as a “chocolate bomb rounded out by a heady, earthy hop profile and vanilla notes,” this triple brown ale beautifully balances complex caramel roasted malts with a citrus burst, brewed to marry with nearly any holiday dish.

Jewbelation 22® – Imperial Brown Ale (16 oz. cans, 11% ABV)

This imperial ale is comprised of a stunning 11 malts and 11 hops, making it equally suitable for drinking fresh or cellaring. The impressive 11% ABV is described as “more warming and welcoming than its percentage might suggest,” and serves as a fitting end to a superbly deep and complex anniversary ale.

This year marks the 15th edition of Jewbelation 22® and it is a work of art both inside and out. To celebrate the switch from bottles to cans, the packaging design is artistically themed “This is Not a 22oz Bottle.”, a tribute to the surrealist Belgian painter René Magritte’s famous painting This Is Not A Pipe.

The two holiday beers are the first seasonals brewed since Shmaltz inked its partnership with Artisanal Imports earlier this year, a move designed to continue the growth and success of the brand nationally.

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