Seattle Cider Co Transitions Core Line Ciders to 12oz Cans

Seattle Cider Co, Washington’s most decorated cidery, is transitioning their core line up of ciders into 6-pack, 12-oz cans, complete with an updated look. Founded in 2013, Seattle Cider hit the market in 16-oz cans with a signature, minimalist packaging design and became widely known for their tagline “Not Your Standard Cider.”

“This transition has been part of the plan for years,” explains General Manager, Felix Madrid. “Ultimately, continuing to package in 16 oz cans worked in our favor as 2020 and 2021 were years marked by supply chain issues for 12-oz can availability, but now the timing is right. We’ve made incremental changes to our packaging designs in preparation. It’s amazing now to see our vision come to fruition.”

The Seattle Cider brand has evolved measurably in the past few years. With the release of 8.4% Odyssey in 2021 and 4.2% Light Cider in July 2022, Seattle Cider began offering ciders that hits both ends of the ABV spectrum while simultaneously making a notable departure from the iconic cans the cidery launched with in 2013. The new can and box designs are reminiscent of the recognizable Seattle Cider visual identity. The new design of the 12 oz cans leans further into the clean look and feel of the cans released when the company first hit the market. The mountain silhouette and tree line from the 16 oz cans are no longer present on the 12 oz versions, while the boxes create a colorful backdrop to contrast the classic look of the new cans, often showcasing the ingredients in each cider.

“There are a lot of logistics involved in moving our core line up to a new format, but really the biggest challenge was ensuring continuity of the brand,” adds Madrid. “Seattle Cider’s visual identity was built on an iconic 16 oz can design. We know our customers will easily recognize the cider they’ve come to know and love when they see new our 6 packs on the shelf.”

“We wanted to stay true to the design legacy that put Seattle Cider on the map,” shares Felix Madrid. “While the format and design elements have been updated and refreshed, one thing certainly hasn’t changed, we’re still focused on making the award-wining products cider drinkers have come to know and love.”

In 2022, Seattle Cider Co won “Best Large Cidery of the Year” accolades from both the Great Lakes International Cider Cup (GLINTCAP) and the Portland International Cider Cup (PICC), took home dozens of awards for individual ciders, and notably received the coveted “Best in Show” cup from PICC, Seattle Cider Co continues their legacy of producing high quality cider made from Washington apples.

The 12 oz format change will include Dry, Honeycrisp, and Basil Mint as year-round offering, as well as Pumpkin Spice as an early fall seasonal followed by Punch Bowl in winter.

The packaging refresh and new format designs were handled by the in-house design team at Seattle Cider Co.

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