Saint Arnold Prepares for Two New Offerings

If you travel from England to Russia through the Baltic Sea you might get a sense of the origins of the Baltic Porter. It is a beer that pulls on the traditions of the British Porter, the Russian Imperial Stout and the lagers of Central Europe. The style dates back to the 18th century.

Divine Reserve No. 17 is a big, rich porter that is deceptively drinkable and well balanced for its 9.2 percent ABV. It has a pleasant sweetness that balances the roastiness of the beer without being cloying. We achieved this by using a combination of malts — Munich malt as the base, Chocolate Wheat and Brown malts for color and roastiness, and flaked oats to round out the body.

A healthy amount of Perle hops creates a balancing bitterness that is disguised by the body of the beer. The Old Bavarian lager yeast used in this beer is the same yeast used in 5 O’ Clock Pils, Spring Bock and Summer Pils. This is the first lager we’ve brewed for the Divine Reserve series.

Divine Reserve No. 17 is best served at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and is ready to drink now, or you can age it (preferably in the refrigerator) and expect the alcohol to smooth out.

SA800x300Beginning Monday, fans can find DR17 at stores in six packs and 22 oz. bomber bottles, as well as on tap around Houston. Many places will hang on to kegs for special events.

Way back in 1995, the brewery wanted to come up with a fun event that was allowed under the then-current beer laws of Texas. Pre-announced promotions at specific locations were forbidden, but a pub crawl with only hints given as to where the stops would be was legal. It was then that the Saint Arnold Pub Crawl — part pub crawl, part scavenger hunt — was born. Our first one had 25 attendees and included a sit down dinner for the entire crew at the now-defunct Village Brewery in Rice Village.

The laws have since changed, but our Pub Crawls have continued. We now host them almost monthly around the Houston area and our other markets. To add to this tradition, we’re debuting a beer that’s hoppy, balanced and – at 4.7 percent ABV – perfect for enjoying throughout a Pub Crawl.

Beginning Monday, Pub Crawl Pale Ale will be available on draft.

This crisp, sessionable Pale Ale is brewed with a combination of hops: Centennial hops at the beginning of the boil for bitterness, and Amarillo and Galaxy hops at the end for the bulk of the flavor and aroma. Two Row Pale and Maris Otter English Pale malts give the beer a slight color and tiny amount of sweetness. Golden naked oats malt lend a nutty, more full-bodied flavor, and the London III yeast accentuates the hop flavor and aroma.

Pub Crawl Pale Ale will be a draft only release… for now. Cans will hit shelves in the spring, and it will be year round beer.

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