Root Shoot Malting, Traverse Image Encourage Craft Lovers to Save Family Farms One Beer at a Time

Colorado-based Root Shoot Malting and Traverse Image are asking craft beer and whiskey lovers for their support to preserve and regenerate Colorado agriculture, allowing Olander Farms to continue growing and producing local grains on their farmland, and to keep telling this story through the new film 100 Year Lease.

100 Year Lease is the product of three years in the making, all dedicated to the education about and preservation of the American family farm. The film was shot by Traverse Image and branded by Colorado-based MTN Creative. This new documentary film premieres on Root Shoot Malting’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 29.

Through the agriculture-centric crowd-farming platform Steward, Root Shoot is asking for contributions towards a conservation easement on their current land, and for the 100 Year Lease mission and documentary film. A contribution is an affirmation of your commitment to knowing your farmer, your maltster, and your breweries and distilleries who utilize craft malt. You’re pledging to seek out products made with local grains as an ambassador of craft.

Support the 100 Year Lease documentary via Steward here. Find a checklist of ways to demonstrate your commitment and advocacy on the Root Shoot Malting website.

During Craft Malt Week from September 27 to October 3, 100 Year Lease t-shirts are for sale on the Lake Hollow Homestead website, with 50 percent of the proceeds going back to Root Shoot’s Steward campaign.

Todd Olander of Root Shoot Malting, photo by Traverse Image

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