Rick’s Near Beer Launches Rick’s Original Low-Strength Pilsner

Rick’s Near Beer launches today with the release of its first near-beer non-alcoholic beverage, Rick’s Original. Rick’s Original is a crisp, clean, and refreshing low-strength Pilsner brewed with premium malted barley, fine American hops, and mountain fresh water. 

Founded by Certified Cicerone® Josh Hare, the entrepreneur behind Texas-based beverage brands Hops & Grain Brewing and Pint & Plow Brewing, Rick’s Near Beer is on a mission to normalize non-alcoholic beer. 

“We want to redefine how we think about drinking non-alcoholic beer. NA options should be so good that they become a part of our normal drinking routines, not something that we only reach for when we’re cutting back or drying out,” says Hare. “No beer should be labeled a sacrifice.” 

Rick’s Near Beer is a complement to alcohol, giving beer lovers something non-alcoholic to reach for, and look forward to, morning, noon, and night. Coming in at less than 0.5% ABV, Rick’s Original is refreshing, consistent, and exciting. 

“Rick’s is a beer you can take to your kids soccer games, pack in the cooler for that long road trip to see family, enjoy during a Monday morning meeting, or share with a friend while you’re standing in line to vote” says Hare. “All the times you want a beer but can’t have one.”  

Order six-packs of Rick’s Original ($10) online at drinkricks.com and keep an eye out for Rick’s Near Beer in the beer aisle of retail stores throughout Texas in early 2023. 

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