Renowned German Brewmaster Himburg Brings Proprietary N/A Method with Momentum

Momentum Brewery has recently stomped its footprint in the non-alcoholic beverage category with the debut of two ground-breaking near-beers: Momentum Golden and Momentum Hazy IPA. The New York-based company is seeking to revolutionize the craft beer experience by canning the best tasting non-alcoholic brews that can be savored by anyone at any given moment. 

Relying on tried-and-true recipes formulated by renowned German brewmaster Alexander Himburg and crafted at the award-winning Great South Bay Brewery in Bay Shore, New York, these beers promise to deliver all the flavor and taste one would expect from a great beer without the alcohol content. In addition, their premium “hoppy” beverages contain 50% fewer calories than their competitors.

As individuals opt for healthier and mindful drinking choices, the demand for non-alcoholic beverages has skyrocketed. Consumers are no longer content with lackluster options; instead, they seek flavorful alternatives that can elegantly balance taste and health benefits. Momentum Brewery’s new process caters precisely to this growing market by offering non-alcoholic beers that don’t compromise on flavor or quality.

Himburg, a technical German brewer from the innovative HimburgsBraukunstkeller, is setting the bar for what non-alcoholic beer is supposed to look like and taste like thanks to the use of bold techniques and secret ingredients. These unique recipes draw out the dankest oils from the choicest hops to create flavors and aromas once reserved for medal-worthy ales and lagers. Himburg’s proprietary method ensures each tank is kissed to perfection; quality controlled in every single batch. 

Momentum Brewery is strongly backed by industry veterans Lars Dahlhaus and Wolfgang Menzel and their three decades worth of combined expertise in the beverage industry. They are forward-thinking brand ambassadors who share an unrelenting vision for growing Momentum into the country’s largest non-alcoholic beverage producer. 

Why? Because their product tastes better than anything else on the market. It is brewed to a higher standard. And their insights into consumer preferences and market trends have shaped the brewery’s offerings, ensuring they cater to the evolving needs of non-alcoholic beverage enthusiasts.

“It takes an exceptional brewing talent to create non-alcoholic beers that can rival their alcoholic counterparts,” Dahlhaus said. “Alexander Himburg, a renowned German brewmaster, has meticulously formulated Momentum Brewery’s craft non-alcoholic brews. Produced at the Great South Bay Brewery, the location’s rich brewing history further enhances the quality and character of our beverages.”

Their mission to create non-alcoholic brews that perfectly complement different moments of consumption, whether it be in private as a post-workout treat or in a lively social setting as a suitable substitute for real beer. The brewery’s first release – Non-Alcoholic Golden – is packed with invigorating flavors and an ideal balance, meant to provide a refreshing thirst-quencher after a workout or outdoor adventure. Meanwhile, their second release – Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA – was brewed for socializing with friends at upscale restaurants and bars, thanks to an enticing aroma along with a hop-forward flavor and smooth texture. 

With an experienced team in tow, Momentum Brewery is primed for aggressive growth and recognition. The brewery has partnered with expanding distributor ProofNoMore — the largest non-alcoholic marketplace in the country — to guarantee nationwide distribution and accessibility. This strategic move will enable Momentum to reach a broader audience of health-conscious consumers while establishing its presence within the booming non-alcoholic beverage market.

Momentum Brewery is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo and is available for pre-order online at Initial distribution will focus on retailers across the New York metro area, and the Great South Bay Brewery will exclusively feature Momentum N/A Beers at their taprooms. 

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