Refined Core Brands, New Cycles, More Collabs Planned by GameCraft in 2023

GameCraft Brewing’s 2023 beer release calendar is out and it’s packed with delicious brews. From unique seasonal offerings to exciting new experiments, we constantly push the boundaries of what we believe beer can be. And, of course, our core beers are always on tap and better than ever.

We used to think about new beers a few weeks before starting production, but a canning line and a growing beer retailer network make an advanced plan more important than ever. Smaller batches with more frequent annual availability cycles give us more control over product quality and provide our community with more opportunities to enjoy their favorite brews more regularly.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our 2023 beer release calendar and share our newest creations with beer lovers everywhere,” said Andrew Moy, Head Brewer at GameCraft Brewing. “We’ve been working hard to develop a diverse and unique lineup of beers that will satisfy the modern palate, from classic styles to experimental brews that push the boundaries of what beer can be. “Fans of our core beers like Otaku® or Pay to Win® will be pleased to know we plan on keeping them stocked all year long.

We have kept our seasonal section purposefully vague for the time being as we experiment with new products and collaborate with local friends. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or crisp lagers, we guarantee to have something for nearly every beer lover. Keep an eye on our calendar and return regularly to try our latest creations. We cannot wait for you to taste what we have in store!


Otaku®: One of GameCraft’s fan favorites, Otaku® is a Japanese-style rice lager. An Otaku is obsessive. We are obsessed with perfecting the art of lagers. We use the finest jasmine rice to give this beer a light cracker-and-malt base with a crisp and refreshing finish. At only 5.0% ABV, this beer pairs incredibly well with burgers, tacos, or sushi!

GameCraft Leit®: GameCraft Leit® is an American Lager Lager, a tribute to the easy-drinking beers we all grew up with. Imagine the macro beers you’ll find in most bars, but fresher and with better ingredients. An independent craft version of a popular traditional style. Light Czech Saaz hop aroma, light malt profile, clean and crisp. 4.5% ABV.

Pay to Win®: Pay to Win® IPA, a double-gold medal winner that won gold over 185 other California IPAs in 2019. Double dry hopped but not overly bitter, P2W reflects our philosophy of balanced, modern styles. 7.0% ABV

Haze Weave: Haze Weave is a Hazy IPA with a soft malt body of wheat and malted oats. Hops, as bold as Aesir, have their bitterness tempered by a whirlpool and dry hop additions. Notes of pineapple, peach, orange, and lychee make this an ale to be raised high in the halls of Asgard! 7.0% ABV

In addition to these exciting new releases and returning favorites, GameCraft Brewing will be hosting a variety of special events throughout the year to celebrate the launch of its new beers. These events will include a lager festival, tap takeovers, and a five year anniversary celebration coming up this November. GameCraft Brewing’s 2023 beer release calendar is available now on its website. For more information about the brewery, its beers, and upcoming events, please visit

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