Red Hare Introduces German Style with Southern Charm

Red Hare Brewing’s latest Seasonal, “Ain’t That a Peach” Berliner Weisse, delivers the taste of a classic German beer — with a little Southern charm. Brewed with peaches, Pilsen, wheat, and 2-row malted barley with a dash of German Hallertau hops, “Ain’t That a Peach” is a refreshing experience from start to finish.

Lactobacillus added in the kettle creates just the right amount of lactic acid tartness to blend with the sweet peaches. It takes your taste buds somewhere between a sour gummy candy, and your Momma’s sweet tea. At 3.9 percent ABV, “Ain’t That a Peach” is perfect for cooling down at a spring picnic in the park.

“When we were making our Berliner Weisse, we wanted it to combine the best of German culture with Southern culture,” said Roger Davis, Red Hare Founder and Managing Partner. “It’s peach at the start with a finish that’s tart.”


“Ain’t That a Peach” is Red Hare’s first Berliner Weisse. Launching in cans and on draught, this Berliner Weisse will be featured in package stores, bars, and restaurants across Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle in early February.

But take note: as a seasonal brew, “Ain’t That a Peach” will only be available for a limited time.

Inspired by the classic Berliner Weisse (or White Berliner) style of beer, “Ain’t That a Peach” is crafted to be a cool, refreshing drink — good for any outdoor spring event, and perfect to cool down and chill out any day.

“If you’re a fan of German beer, Southern cuisine, or peaches in general, you’ve got to checkout ‘Ain’t That a Peach’!” says Bobby Thomas, Red Hare’s Co-Founder and Head Brewer.

“Ain’t That a Peach” launches to the public on Saturday, February 11 at the brewery.

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