Raised Grain Announces Brewhouse, Canning Line Vendor

Raised Grain Brewing Co. has selected ProBrew, of New Berlin, WI, as the equipment manufacturer for its new production brewery. ProBrew will be supplying a fully-automated 20-barrel brewhouse, a state-of-the-art rotary canning line, a centrifuge with patented inline carbonation and a keg washer/filler, as well as ancillary production components.
Raised Grain, Waukesha’s award-winning craft brewery, opened two years ago. They are currently in the process of a large expansion to meet the growing demand for their beer.
“We selected ProBrew for their engineering capabilities. Initially, they were providing only our canning line, but as we got to know them and became more comfortable with their team, we realized the potential of working with them for much more,” said Dr. Scott Kelley, owner and brewmaster at Raised Grain. “We’re both relative newcomers to the craft brew scene, but we see this as a partnership of expertises.”
ProBrew has been providing custom systems and solutions to the craft beverage industry for the past 4 years, including Shorts, Saucy Brew Works, Devil’s Backbone and many more.
ProBrew’s parent company, TechniBlend, has been providing beverage processing equipment and solutions to companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, MillerCoors and Sam Adams for the past 9 years.
Derek Deubel, President of ProBrew stated, “we are honored and excited to be working with the team at Raised Grain on this project. They brew fantastic beers with a deep commitment to quality, and our equipment and technology will give the tools to continue that tradition and also meet their growing demand.”
“We’re both local companies, and there is tremendous value in that,” said Nick Reistad, owner and Sales & Marketing for Raised Grain. “We’re both pushing the Milwaukee and Wisconsin craft beer scene forward, and we’re creating and keeping jobs here.”

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