Pure Project Announces Participation in Bract Brewing Programme

Pure Project, a San Diego-based craft brewery, has been invited to participate in a global initiative to shape the future of hops. The Bract Brewing Programme, created by NZ Hops Ltd., is a New Zealand-based hop breeding partnership that will select and develop entirely unique hop varietals over the next decade; these hops will be disease resistant, thrive in New Zealand’s unique coastal climate, and exhibit bold flavors and aromas.

NZ Hops Ltd. is a cooperative of innovative Master Growers in New Zealand. Since its inception, Pure Project has sourced an array of hop varietals from NZ Hops and their co-op partners. Using environmentally friendly and sustainable growing techniques, the New Zealand farmers produce high-quality, aromatic hops that are grown with minimal use of pesticides. In addition to minimal pesticide usage, they also keep carbon emissions low by shipping almost entirely by ocean freight.

“As a brewery with a strong commitment to preserving the planet’s resources, we’re proud to partner with companies like NZ Hops and use New Zealand-grown hops in our beer,” says Pure Project Co-founder and Head Brewer, Winslow Sawyer. “These hops are being grown with the utmost integrity and we respect NZ Hops and their passion to produce some of the best hops in the world.”

As one of 20 U.S. breweries participating in the Bract Brewing Programme, Pure Project will brew a series of beers over the next year using these new experimental hops. To create the fairest comparison, each beer in the series will be brewed using the same process and ingredient quantities, but with different hop varietals. The beers will be rolling out on draft in all of Pure Project’s taprooms one by one, and the community is invited to taste each beer and provide feedback.

Pure Project’s first experimental beer of the series will be available at all five Pure Project taprooms starting August 5th, 2022.

Follow Pure Project on Instagram for updates on the series, how to participate in the tasting part of the program, and more at www.instagram.com/purebrewing

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