ProClean DEGREASER Specially Formulated for Food & Beverage Plants

Madison Chemical introduces ProClean® DEGREEASER, a liquid, moderately alkaline, multi-purpose detergent for general purpose cleaning and degreasing in food and beverage plants. This water-based degreaser has superior penetrating and wetting properties for fast and complete oil and grease removal. It is effective under hard water conditions, and rinses easily and completely. As an NSF registered product, ProClean® DEGREASER is acceptable for use as a general cleaner (A1) on all surfaces in and around food processing areas, where it is not intended for direct food contact. All food products and packaging materials should be removed or protected prior to product use.  When used according to manufacturer’s directions the product does not exhibit a noticeable odor nor leave a visible residue. ProClean® DEGREASER is ideal for manual cleaning of machinery and equipment, floor cleaning, and general-purpose cleaning in food and beverage processing facilities.

It is well suited for use with floor scrubbers, manual cleaning processes, immersion tanks, foam generating equipment, low and high pressure non-recirculating sprayers, and more.  Water temperature and dilution will vary depending upon soil loading and the specific nature of the application. Madison Technical Sales Reps are available to assist with SOPs for concentrations and temperatures based on actual conditions.

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