Portland’s Ecliptic & Wayfinder Collaborate on Cold IPA

Ecliptic Brewing is pairing up with Wayfinder Beer to brew a Cold IPA. Shipping February 17 in 16-ounce cans and draft, this will be Ecliptic’s first Cosmic Collaboration with Wayfinder and the first of 2021.

“Cold IPA” is a newer term, and the style aims to feature a crisper IPA. John Harris, Ecliptic’s Owner and Brewmaster teamed up with Wayfinder’s Brewmaster, Kevin Davey, to create Ecliptic’s take on the style. The beer is brewed with Pilsner malt and lager yeast and features Pacific Sunrise and Talus hops. Says Davey, “Cold IPA is our attempt at making a ‘Wester than West Coast’ IPA’, but it’s not a lager… it’s more of a crossover style.” Adjuncts help lighten the body and increase drinkability. In Davey’s words, the result is a “very clean, dry and extremely hop forward” beer.

“I’m excited to work with Kevin and the Wayfinder team,” says Harris. “They really embraced this style and have made a few Cold IPAs already, so we’re stoked to team up and see what we can brew at Ecliptic. It’s fun to try something different.”

Ecliptic + Wayfinder Cold IPA will be released in draft and 16-ounce cans throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network on February 17. Visit Ecliptic’s website or Facebook event page for up-to-date details on this release.

About Ecliptic + Wayfinder Cold IPA

Brewed with our friends at Wayfinder Beer, this Cold India Pale Ale was brewed with Pilsner malt and lager yeast. Pacific Sunrise and Talus hops support the clean, crisp finish on this collaboration.

ABV: 8%

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