Point Bock is Back with New 16-ounce Can, Retro Design

Eagerly awaited each January, this year Point Bock returns with a new 16-ounce can featuring a retro design. Available in four-packs or single-serves, the new 16-ounce can is a perfect fit for convenience stores, package stores and supermarkets. Also packaged in kegs and by the case in 12-ounce longneck bottles, Point Bock is available wherever Point beers are sold in Wisconsin and Illinois, but only while supplies last.

“Point Bock is one of the original American craft beers,” said Julie Birrenkott, Point Marketing Manager. “Our bock beer roots go way back to before the Second World War, when there was no such a thing as a craft beer market in this country. For bock beer fans, Point Bock’s return each January has always been cause enough for celebration. We are excited to continue that tradition.”


Competition, is a genuine Bavarian-style Bock brewed the old time way. Offering toasty malt sweetness, full-bodied flavor, and a rich roasted aroma, Point Bock is brewed according to a decades-old recipe Point Brewmaster Gabe Hopkins discovered in the brewery’s archives. Hopkins and his brewers use traditional ingredients to brew the dark amber beer, including two-row and caramel barley malts and Tettnang hops imported from Bavaria.

Brewed in Germany each year for consumption in winter and spring, bock beer came to America with 19th-century German immigrants who crossed the ocean to begin life anew in the New World.

The bock beer style is said to have originated in the North German town of Einbeck, which was
sometimes spelled Einbock, in the Middle Ages. Over time the name of the beer style became simply “Bock.” In addition, Bock was traditionally brewed in winter under the sign of Capricorn, the goat, and “Bock” is the German word for a male goat.

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