PicoBrew’s Pico Crowdfunding Surpasses $1 Million


PicoBrew’s crowd-funding campaign for its novel Pico craft-beer-brewing appliance has surpassed $1 million in funding, ranking it in the top 99.95 percent of Kickstarter campaigns, with still several weeks remaining. PicoBrew, Inc. has now raised almost two million in crowd-funding pre-orders for its array of craft beer products, further demonstrating the strong customer interest in this space.

Over the course of the Pico Kickstarter campaign, PicoBrew has continued creating customer engagement by increasing the capabilities and features of the appliance. Upon reaching the one million dollar funding goal, PicoBrew committed to a new sous-vide cooking feature for the Pico, allowing the device to craft not only world-class beers, but also gourmet meals.

“Dedicated sous-vide cooking appliances typically cost hundreds of dollars,” said Dr. William Mitchell, PicoBrew’s CEO. “With some strategic engineering modifications and new software features, we have been able to give Pico this capability, sparing customer need to purchase a stand-alone sous-vide appliance.”

PicoBrew has also introduced a bonus “FreeStyle PicoPak” feature that allows Pico owners to create custom craft beers. PicoBrew’s novel customization software employs an innovative graphical user interface to allow the modification of grains, hops and yeast in a recipe. With FreeStyle PicoPaks, the Pico not only brews consumer draft beer favorites from breweries around the world, but entirely custom craft beer creations as well.

“We are extremely grateful for the worldwide support of craft beer enthusiasts,” said Mitchell. “With their strong support we are continuing to push the envelope in terms of craft beer creation at home.”

Today, PicoBrew announced its newest and most innovative feature yet, “Fast Fermentation,” as the $1.2 million “stretch goal” reward in its Kickstarter campaign. Fast Fermentation uses pressure and higher temperatures to ferment more quickly than conventional fermentation. A yeast that normally takes eight days of fermentation may require only four days under the Fast Fermentation protocol. PicoBrew plans to include the hardware and software features necessary to support Fast Fermentation as a reward for achieving the $1.2 million funding target, so Pico owners will enjoy freshly brewed craft beer within days of brewing.

PicoBrew’s Pico is available for pre-order on the PicoBrew Kickstarter page for a limited time, special promotional price of $559. This is $440 off of the eventual retail price.

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