pFriem Family Brewers Releases Three Classic Summer Seasonals

pFriem Family Brewers welcomes summer with a full summer beer release lineup, highlighted by three Classic Summer Seasonals: Jammy Pale, Golden IPA and Mexican Lager. Each pairs beautifully with the flavors of summer – fresh off the grill or fresh off the trails.

pFriem is known for its extensive line of artisan beers, totaling over 100 in 2018. Its summer lineup includes a myriad of delicious new releases with Jammy Pale, Golden IPA and Mexican Lager among its crowning achievements.

Jammy Pale is rife with aromas of marionberries, strawberry preserves, candied pineapple, and peach, and round notes of cantaloupe, blueberries, gummy bears, and lemon balm. It finishes juicy, jammy, and fruity. 5.4% ABV and 32 IBUs. Jammy Pale is built on a round malt bill where Rahr 2-Row Pale is supported by malted and unmalted oats. It showcases a blend of very fruit-forward American hops. The jammy and tropical hops are further supported by a fruity English yeast strain. Enjoy with fish or al pastor tacos, ceviche or sweet and spicy dishes like Vietnamese chicken wings, Korean ribs, and green curry.

Golden IPA is a bright and vibrant West Coast IPA. Fruity aromas of watermelon, citrus, papaya, and lychee fruit, accompany jammy notes of honeydew melon, kiwi, ripe raspberries, and honey. It finishes with a tropical citrus zing that will have you rushing down to pFriem to stake your claim today. This beer has a simple of malt bill of 2 Row Pale Malt, which makes a great base for aromatic and juicy El Dorado and Oregon Amarillo hops. ABV 6.8%, IBU 50. Enjoy with rich and hearty burgers, French fries and complex pizzas. Aged cheddar cheese, aged meats, and pickled vegetables. Indian cuisine that is spice forward and balanced by yogurt and cream based sauces.

Mexican Lager pFriem loves Mexican Lagers, so we brewed our own! Our light and crisp reinvention is brewed with malted barley and flaked maize, and aromas of orange blossom and a faraway Mexican beach. Just add a squeeze of lime and table salt and enjoy! Gambrinus Pilsner, Flaked Maize, Carafoam and Acidulated Malts combine with Perle, Czech Saaz, Tettnang Hops and Lager yeast for this Mexican delight. ABV 4.4%, IBU 17. In terms of food pairings, just about anything in the realm of Mexican cuisine is a great fit. Great with delicate fish- Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, Cod, Tuna, and Red Snapper. Great with shellfish- clams, crab, and scallops. Excellent with Sushi. Light pasta dishes work well with oil-based or creamed sauces.

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