Perrin to Launch Interactive Brew 2.0

Perrin Brewing Company asks beer drinkers to decide their next beer release via the Interactive Brew Project 2.0. The public is invited to vote on beer details, including the style, sub-style, ingredients, and even the name of the new brew, over the next few weeks. Voting kicks off with a poll to decide the beer’s style on November 13, and each poll will stay open for several days to allow participation. Here is the voting schedule:

  • November 13 – Kickoff and voting on style opens
  • November 17 – Voting on sub-style opens
  • November 20 – Voting on additions (hops, fruit, etc.) opens
  • November 27 – Name submission opens
  • December 4 – Voting on top five names opens
  • December 11 – Social announcement of the FINAL BEER!

The upcoming Interactive Brew campaign marks Perrin’s second Interactive Brew in 2020, the first of which culminated in the brewing of a Russian Imperial Stout dubbed Self S’more-antine.

“Interactive brew has proven to be a way to bring our community together, even in strange times,” said Lindsey VanDenBoom, Senior Marketing Manager at Perrin. “It gives beer lovers a chance to directly weigh in on what they want to drink, and to follow the process from imagining a beer, to brewing it, to enjoying it in the Perrin Pub!”

Perrin will livestream each step of the brewing process on December 2 to offer a behind-the-scenes view, and plans to release the beer at the Pub on draft and in 12 oz. cans at the end of December. The recipe will be made available for homebrewers who wish to follow along.

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