Perrin Coffee Latte Brown Ale Returns

Perrin Brewing Company announces the return of Coffee Latte Brown Ale, a seasonal treat crafted with locally-sourced coffee beans. Coffee Latte is now available on draft in 32 oz. Crowler packaging, and in 6-packs and 15-packs of 12 oz. cans To Go from the Perrin Pub. Coffee Latte will be distributed Michigan-wide. The wintery brew can also be found in Perrin’s Winter Warmer Mixed 12-pack.

Perfect for cold-weather sipping, Coffee Latte Brown Ale (5.8% ABV) is perky with coffee, light chocolate notes and roasty aromatics. Milk sugar is added to lend the luxurious creaminess of a latte. Coffee Latte is brewed with Germack Coffee’s I-75 blend, an accessible road trip blend that’s dark-roasted, earthy, full-bodied and smooth.

“A few years ago, people would raise their eyebrows at a coffee-and-beer combo; but I think it’s just a natural collaboration,” said Steven M. Puwalski, Director of Coffee at Germack Coffee Roasting Company. “I obviously love drinking coffee, and after a long day of drinking maybe a little too much coffee, what is better than a thoughtfully crafted beer? If it has some beans I love and is crafted with passion, it’s a win win.”

Founded in 1924 and located at Detroit’s famous Eastern Market, Germack Coffee is a family-owned company that provides quality products and flavors from around the world including spices, nuts, seeds, candies and fresh-roasted coffee.

Coffee lovers and beer fanatics alike are invited to try Coffee Latte Brown Ale this winter.

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