Payette Releases Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout

Payette Brewing Company will release Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout this October. It is more than just a beer; it was a fun collaboration with Ironside Roasting Co., a small-batch craft coffee roaster in Boise, Idaho.

Payette Brewing and Ironside Roasting worked together for this unique beer and coffee creation. Both being masters at their craft, they knew that combining their techniques and using quality ingredients would make an exceptional beverage. Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout is brewed with barrel-aged coffee beans, which were then used for an Ironside roast, Monday Mourning Barrel-Aged Sumatra.

Mike Francis, Payette Brewing Founder and CEO explains, “I heard about a few coffee roasters aging their coffee beans in whiskey barrels, then roasting them which created an amazing coffee. That concept fit perfectly into our beer barrel-aging program at Payette and using a barrel-aged coffee bean in our Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout was an outstanding partnership. We worked with Ironside to select the right coffee bean variety, test the beans as they aged, and made the finished cold brew by melding the techniques of two different types of craft beverage manufacturers.”

Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout is brewed with the barrel-aged coffee beans, bacon-smoked malt, oats, and maple syrup. Pitch black in color and infused with mellow coffee flavors and light smoke aromas, this beer is big, dark and delicious. Despite the higher alcohol content of 9.5%, this beer has an approachable, not overbearing booziness. A perfectly balanced and delicious stout.

Colin Seeley, owner of Ironside Roasting, was just as excited about the collaboration and said, “This project gave me the opportunity to do what I’m passionate about, which is product development. We sampled several coffees, assessed the flavor profiles, and discovered how they would shine in the beer. We barrel-aged the green coffee, which is something I’d heard about but never tried. The earthy, spicy notes of the Sumatra coffee beans were the perfect compliment to the oak and vanilla flavors from the barrels.”

After Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout was brewed with the barrel-aged coffee beans, Ironside then roasted the beans and came up with their new coffee line. “After perfecting the roast on the beans, the flavors in the cup are surprisingly mellow. You can expect a nice, round body with notes of vanilla, black pepper, oak, and a smooth bourbon finish. This is definitely a unique cup of coffee and complementary stout.”

Sunday Mourning Imperial Breakfast Stout will be released at Payette Brewing Company on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 4:00 PM. Sunday Mourning will be available for the first time in twenty-two ounce bottles and on draft. Ironside Roasting Co. will be present with coffee samples and bags of Monday Mourning Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sumatra coffee for sale.

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