Partake Launches ‘Cheers to Adulting’ Brand Campaign

Partake Brewing, a category leader in the non-alcoholic beer space, is challenging society’s perception of non-alcoholic brews – poor quality, no flavor but loaded with calories and carbs –  with the launch of its new Cheers to Adulting brand campaign.

Cheers to Adulting was developed in partnership with newly appointed creative agency of record lg2, and positions Partake as the ‘official beer of adulting.’ Through this brand platform, Partake aims to prove that adulting isn’t about being a straight-edged, naysaying, party pooper. It’s about connecting with others and being a part of the fun while still taking pride in evolving interests and priorities that come in this stage of life.

“Part of my mission with Partake has been to make non-alcoholic consumption not only commonplace in social settings, but always inclusive and fun without question,” said Ted Fleming, Founder & CEO of Partake Brewing. “Through Cheers to Adulting, we’re showing people that they don’t have to apologize for who they are or where they are in life. We’re empowering them to reach for a great-tasting, low calorie, non-alcoholic beer and to feel proud about their drinking choice whether they choose to cut back or to not drink alcohol at all.”

The brand campaign will be driven by digital and social media content including a series of humorous and relatable videos that will run in a robust media buy across multiple platforms throughout the United States and Canada. The brand platform takes a playful look at adults who do not have to worry about making compromises with alcohol in order to successfully “adult” and shows how Partake opens up new possibilities in the way they can enjoy beer.

The videos follow a variety of individuals as they juggle the many demands that adulting can bring and look to ultimately find balance. This includes a man who doesn’t have to choose between Friday night beers with friends before an early morning tee time, a mother and father who can crush a beer while still crushing parenthood and a woman who is able to have a refreshing brew while tackling some home renovations.

“Traditionally, if you reach for a non-alcoholic beer, you’d be questioned by friends or feel awkward in a social setting. But the Cheers to Adulting platform challenges that stigma,” said Chris Hirsch, Partner & Executive Creative Director at lg2. “We want to turn the idea of being responsible into a badge of honor. It’s ok to be just as excited about that 7am tee time as you are about the Friday night before it. We’re excited to partner with Partake, one of the fastest growing companies in the North American non-alcoholic beer category and support their growth ambitions.”

Health-consciousness is on the rise, and the “sober-curious” trend has helped the NA beer market grow. According to a 2021 report by Goldman Sachs analyst, Bonnie Herzog, no- and low-alcohol offerings are estimated to grow by 25% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) and reach $3 billion in total retail sales by 2025. Partake Brewing has already seen rapid expansion since it launched, with a three-year growth of 2,112%.

Partake was founded in 2017 by Fleming, a former engineer on a mission to take the stigma out of drinking non-alcoholic beer. After a Crohn’s diagnosis led him to give up alcohol, he experienced a category traditionally low on selection and taste, and choosing an NA brew only invited judgement in most social settings. This ultimately inspired him to brew his own, giving consumers a variety of great-tasting, low calorie, non-alcoholic beers suitable for any occasion or location. Fleming’s belief is that giving up alcohol shouldn’t mean giving up the social connection that comes with it. And so, the brand’s quest for premium taste and selection became rooted in a purpose of inclusivity: to allow everyone to partake in the moment.

Partake currently offers PALE, IPA, BLONDE, RED, DARK, PEACH GOSE and limited seasonal editions including LIME and RADLER. Consumers consistently seek out Partake for its exceptional taste, unmatched calorie count (10-35 calories per can), vegan all-natural ingredients and brewing process.

To check out the Cheers to Adulting videos, visit here.

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