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The MicroBottler was created five years ago when Argyle Brewing Company, a New York Farm Brewery in Greenwich, New York wanted to expand into packaging. Every packaging option they found was too large for their space or budget. More than 30 years in precision machining and a passion for brewing helped DK Advanced Technologies owner Dan Komarony and his team design and build the first MicroBottler for their friends at ABC.

“I really do love the MicroBottler for all the reasons any small brewery is probably looking for. Ease of operation, compact and reliable,” said Chris Castrio, co-founder of Argyle Brewing Company. “Without hesitation, I recommend this machine for breweries, like us. It is also a crowdpleaser when I bottle during tap room hours.”

Broomtail Craft Brewery and Sour Barn in Wilmington, North Carolina recently started packaging with a MicroBottler. They are enjoying the time and labor savings the bottler offers.

“We can now bottle a full batch in a half day with two people vs. previously a full day with four,” said Barry Owings, co-owner of Broomtail.

Package makes Perfect and Profit

As exciting as the boom in craft beer is, it makes for a crowded market. Standing out in the crowd with a unique brew, catchy product name, snazzy label and unique container can make or break a product’s success.

“Bottles have been our introduction card in the market, before we could even produce kegs. The bottle is a marketing asset as much as it is a vessel for our product,” said Luis Martinez of Tê Tê craft beer in Vietnam. “The MicroBottler — it being easy to operate and maintain — has helped us reach farther markets with the best quality.”

Exhibit A Brewing Company’s barrel aged Recess makes a statement in a large format bottle

Certain product and package combinations can add a significant gain to your brewery’s bottom line. A special run packaged with the MicroBottler in a large format bottle, 29mm cap with a wax seal or a cork looks classy. These pourable trendy centerpieces are at home on the dinner table and have a profit margin that will make you smile. Bottle them with the same machine as your 12 oz and grin even wider.

Exhibit A Brewing Company in Framingham, Massachusetts knows the value of strategic packaging.

“Our barrel aged beers take quite a bit of time and effort before we will release them to our guests,” said Matthew Steinberg, co-founder and head brewer. “The MicroBottler has allowed us to fill 500 ml bottles with very little product loss while delivering a proper fill, easy clean up and consistent results.”

To Diversify, be Versatile!

Looking to add more options to your to-go menu at your taproom or to your distribution offerings? Bottle conditioned brews, kombucha, soda, cold brew, cider, wine or distilled liquors bring more people into your brewery and encourage them to stay. Because the MicroBottler can bottle (and in the near future, counterpressure fill and seam cans) both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Close with crown caps (twist or pry off), corks, plastic or metal twist caps, all using the same machine.

“The ability to fill both carbonated and still product is a great feature. Most bottling machines are good at one or the other, but the MicroBottler is great at both,” Steinberg said.

The Team Fuels the Dream

You know how a highly functioning team is essential for success in your business? Well count your packaging equipment supplier on that team to support you. Service and support at DK is always included and your success is the priority.

“The company understands what reward need and is able to deliver a quality product with service to back it up,” said Gayle D’Abate, co-owner of Tomfoolery Brewing Company in Hammonton, New Jersey. “DK Service is exceptional. It’s obvious they know their machine and that they care about us as a customer. They make sure we are getting the best experience we can from their equipment.”

Born in a local brewery, now the MicroBottler helps craft beverage producers package a variety of carbonated and non-carbonated products all over the world. DK Advanced Technologies has an expanded offering including a new DKanner canning line as well as the DKanner All-in-One that both bottles and cans. And for distilled liquors, wines and other still beverages, the MicroBottler Gravity Fill model. Look for the counterpressure DKanner and All-in-One at CBC and for sale summer of 2019. For more information email

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